About Me

About me, well that could take a while because there is so much to tell you. But, first the biggest mistake I made when creating this site was the domain I chose (don't make that mistake, plan what domain you want to invest in, because it becomes your 'Intellectual Property' your Brand) and although it is called Sandra's Software Store, it's not all about software, there will be some mention of software which I think will make your online journey super simple, but I also intend to talk about super simple ways to make money online, the best free and paid training courses, applications, products to purchase and so much more.

But, the main goal of the site is to show you that your making money online ambitions can come to fruition and there is no big secret (despite what the gurus tell) all you have to do is to be willing to take action every day and eventually you will break through.  But, I do want to warn you it is not an easy ride and if you think it is you are in the wrong business and you need to get off the train at the next station.  But, when you decide to stay on the train, do what works, don't reinvent the wheel, be willing to learn from the best then you will be a big success.

In reality success rarely happens overnight, but eventually you will have a breakthrough, it is simply the law of averages, action leads to success and the more action you take, the more success you will have and . for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.